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In 2009, when a small group of people (2 teachers and 21 students) representing the IES PEDRO JIMENEZ MONTOYA of Baza travelled to Sulechow for the first time, they couldn’t realize how this simple fact was going to change our lives in such an amazing way. Our story started when they met miss Aneta Graczyk and all the lovely people who were interested in having an exchange with a Spanish partner. Fortunately, ZSP trusted us since the beginning and, step by step, our common project was taking shape.

Nowadays, almost 7 years after that memorable moment, all the people enrolled in Vocational Education and Training, both students and teachers from Poland and Spain, agree it has been such a nice experience, has reached our expectations and that it is necessary to keep on working in the same direction, together, solving problems, tackling walls, learning form each other and improving our student’s skills.

There have been so many memories that it is impossible to summarize them in hardly a few of lines. This is not our intention, because we are aware of the difficulty of the task. Therefore, we want to apologize to all of you who had not been mentioned in these posts but your help, effort, devotion and affection will keep in our hearts, forever and ever. Thanks to everybody for making possible this project!


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