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Farewell party (May 2015)

When we embarked on the project in 2013, people who were going to take the plunge in it though it would take a long time. A cooperation of 3 years could be considered good enough to share experiences, to endorse each other (both students and managers), to change our minds, to improve our skills, to overcome the difficulties, to deep in historical and cultural heritage… and, in the meantime, to enjoy spending spare time… Nevertheless, time has unfortunately gone «in a flash» and our project is nearly to be finished.

The best way to explain what this project has meant for all of us is letting students, managers and teachers have the floor:

«This experience has been amazing because I´ve learnt about my vocational training, moreover, I´ve learnt about Spanish culture and Spanish way of life in High Schools.

When I started this experience I was a bit frightened, but when I was in my working centre I felt delighted with my teachers and partners. The time was running out and I felt better in the company I was working for, so I didn´t want to leave Spain, I thought «I wish I could stay here more time», because for me, this experience has been unforgettable» (Polish apprentice).

«I strongly believe that this experience has been wonderful for me and for my company, because the students who have been working with me, have been really friendly, easy-going and hard-working people, so this made the work easier.

At the beginning I felt a bit nervous because I didn´t know if the students would be comfortable here, but when I saw their reaction I felt happy, grateful and proud of them, so I hope to have this experience again and have more Polish students, they are really good workers and they´ve helped my company a lot» (Spanish manager).

«In my opinion, this experience has been very important for me and for the High School, because it´s a way to share experiences with foreing High Schools, so it´s an «open door» so that students can meet other cultures an «VET experiences».
The experience with Polish students has been really exciting and I´m grateful with the project because I´ve learnt with them and with the managers, they´ve been a big example for the students and I hope that this experience carries on in order to get better results» (Spanish teacher).

By this point, we don’t want to have to say goodbye, because it is sad… Instead of it, «see you soon, our dear friends and good luck in your professional and personal lives». We look forward to seeing all of you again and WE WILL MISS YOU, FOLKS!!!

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