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«Sulechów, dn. 18 maja 2013r

My name is Ewa Helinska, I served as the coordinator of the project “The model of vocational trainings in Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych w Sulechowie worked out on the basis of the Spanish partner school.” The contacts with you in English will suit Mr. John Kostyszak acting as an assistant of a coordinator.

We both hope that together we will develop a new approach to students’ vocational trainings in secondary schools, which will be implemented by a wide range of Polish schools.

To achieve objectives of the project, which is pointing to improve the quality of vocational trainings of students in the Lubuskie Province on the example of the organization of practical training in Sulechów- following the solutions used in your school, we should have a good understanding in our cooperation.

The agreement of the Project was signed by our Marshal’s Office on 16th April 2013. Then came a selection of Project Management. Therefore, it was necessary to make some changes in the schedule of the implementation of some activities. For elaboration of our cooperation I am going to remind you our common actions:

1.- During the duration of the project the exchange of information and experience between project partners will be provided (till 15.06.2015).

2.- October 2013. A study visit of three Polish teachers for 4 days is scheduled (4 days with arrival and departure day). The purpose of the visit will be to know the solutions used by you at your organization of vocational training for students, such as meeting with the employer, which is implemented in practice.

3.- October 2013. Traineeship by eight students and one tutor for four weeks in the competition: hotelier, tourism and catering service. According to the requirements of the ESF Office, the practice must begin and end in October 2013.

4.- In the second quarter of 2014, internship with your employer for a group of 10 students from Poland and two teachers is scheduled. Participants will be from the following professions: hotelier 4 persons, catering 6.

5.- In the second quarter of 2014, study visit of four Polish vocational teachers for four days to explore the knowledge of the ways of organizing and conducting professional practices at your place . Please suggest the term, it can be the same dates as for practical training by the Polish youth, in May 2014.

6.- Third quarter of 2014 – We will provide apprenticeships for students from Spain in Poland. Please suggest a month and indicate the number of persons in each profession.

7.- 2015 first quarter, trainee for 8 pupils with one teacher from Poland in Spain.

8 / May 2015: conference in Sulechów summarizing the project. Participation is provided for four people from your school.

We will be very grateful for any information concerning the organization and the progress of the implementation of apprenticeships for students . We want to improve the way they are organized in our school, and developed model widely promoted in other schools. So please send a multimedia presentation about your school, any brochures , folders-all possible handouts. If possible, please send copies of documents which students have to fill out for the practice and your documentation which shall be fill out by tutors.
All the planned activities are expected to contribute to the improvement of our vocational training, and thus help young people to achieve a good start in their adult life.

I hope very much to have a fruitful cooperation between our schools for the benefit of the Polish and Spanish youth, who thanks to this project will be able to experience an unique adventure, to know the partner’s country, culture and gain new experiences.

Yours sincerely,»

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