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Candidates’ selection procedure

One of the most important aspect to consider from the moment our school decides to enroll in an international project under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP has been designed to enable people, at any stage of their life, to take part in stimulating learning experiences, as well as developing education and training across Europe) is, without a shadow of a doubt, to select the appropriate students who are taking part in it. The number of applications they have filled since we started to offer the opportunity of developing the professional module of vocational training with enterprises abroad (far away from the Spanish border) have been increasing year by year, wether they are deeply interesting in living the experience or they have heard the previous year student’s comments about that.

Regardless of their thoughts, the people responsible of the VET projects, supported by the Foreign Language Departments, must take the final decision about who and who not can participate focusing in the student’s ability to take advantage of the learning outcomes (LO) they are supposed to reach.

They are in charge of developing informative activities addressed to the school community, promoting the internationalization of vocational education and training, besides raising the quantity and quality of learning mobility, selecting the most suitable candidates to take part in these European projects, as well as motivating them, approving and monitoring interinstitutional agreements for study mobility and learning agreements…

According to this, our School has established a formal procedure of acting which includes:

– to fill in the following form, in order to get general information about the candidates

Applicant’s questionnaire

– to request to student’s professional field teachers their opinion about his/her skills by means of a report that will be signed by the Head of Department.

Visto bueno FCT departamentos

– to have a personal interview with the candidates in which we gather more information about their mental maturity, their abilities to live alone, their way of facing and solving the problems in different hypothetical situations they can live abroad and so on.

Apart from that, we are permanently being supervised by the European Project Coordinator, Miss Ángeles Gabella Barro and her team members, from the General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, in order to assure the quality of the selection procedure.

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