American Gods

I know many of you like reading fantasy novels, so I would like to recommend you a novel titled «American Gods» written in 2001 by Neil Gaiman. Perhaps you have ever heard about this author because he has written other popular works such as «Stardust» and «The Sandman».

«American Gods» won some prestigious fantasy  novel awards like Hugo and Nebula. The novel is a blend of fantasy and ancient and modern mythology. Apart from the main character, the mysterious and taciturn Shadow, there are other characters who personify ancient Gods such as Odin or Horus as well as «modern» Gods like TV, Internet, etc.

The central premise of the novel is that Gods and mythological creatures exist because people believe in them. The immigrants who arrived to the United States brought with them those spirits and Gods. However, the power of these divine beings has diminished as people’s beliefs are vanishing. New Gods have arisen, reflecting America’s obsessions with media, celebrity, technology, and drugs, among others. A war between both sides, Ancient and New Gods, is about to begin. Who will win and prevail?

At the beginning of every chapter, the author includes some short stories, independent from the main plot, about different topics:  the first Viking explorers to come to America, slaves from Africa who populate the Caribbean Islands and America with their tribal gods and so forth.

Don´t you think it sounds interesting? Read it and tell me your opinion! The Gods will reward you for sure!


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